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The Railway Technical Web Pages site has its own blog. This contains technical and operational updates, discussions on railway issues and comments on some of the myths, legends and exaggerated stories that the industry sometimes fall victim to. This page is the index to all the blog postings published up to July 2011. August's postings will be added at the end of the month.

Blog Index

Post Title & Date What it's about
Arrow New Infopaper Published today
13 September 2011
RTWP has published a new Infopaper, "Metro Operations Planning".
Arrow Rail Factoids 6: Community Railways
10 September 2011
Here I offer some facts about the railways in Britain that are nominated as "Community Railways" by the Department for Transport (DfT).
Arrow Return from Blackpool
9 September 2011
My return trip by rail from Blackpool
Arrow A day trip to Edinburgh and Blackpool
7 September 2011
The blog of my trip by rail to Edinburgh and Blackpool
Arrow Darwin moves out of the jungle
6 September 2011
The railways in Britain have been developing an information system called "Darwin". An interesting article about Darwin, has been written by Clive Kessel of Rail.co.
Arrow Back to Work
6 September 2011
A quick update following my trip away.
Arrow Rail Factoids - 5 GWML Electrification
23 August 2011
The head of electrification for UK's Network Rail, Peter Dearman, gave some statistics on the GWML electrification in an interview with Rail Technology Magazine (June/July 2011).
Arrow Do railway staff need better training?
22 August 2011
Some seriously long delays on the railways in Britain, show a desperate need for better staff training so trains can get moving after failures.
Arrow Time for lean thinking on the railway
20 August 2011
Lean thinking is a new way of approaching how work is done throughout an organisation's project delivery process, with the principal aim of maximising value and minimising waste. It's long overdue on the railways.
Arrow Rail Factoid - 4
19 August 2011
Passengers carried in the Underground and the UK.
Arrow Jerusalem LRT opens tomorrow
18 August 2011
An article in The Guardian newspaper describes the tensions and problems that have caused the project to stall and restart several times over the last decade.
Arrow High Speed Rail - Yes or No?
17 August 2011
With all the debates about high speed rail and whether it should be provided or not in various countries around the world, it's difficult to decide the rights and wrongs of the issue.
Arrow More on UK rail fare increases
16 August 2011
A passenger asks why trains fares are "so expensive".
Arrow New UK rail fare increases
16 August 2011
Again, an attempt to price people off trains to reduce overcrowding.
Arrow Australian High Speed Rail
11 August 2011
How much?
Arrow Rail Factoid - 3
11 August 2011
Cost of a monorail in Sao Paulo.
Arrow So you want to build a metro?
10 August 2011
Some basic ideas about city size and possible costs.
Arrow Rail Factoids - 2
9 August 2011
More facts.
Arrow "Go by Plane" - says National Rail
9 August 2011
The UK's National Rail Enquiries website is advertising plane travel!
Arrow Rail Factoids
8 August 2011
A new series of information about railways to try to get some real and verified facts, particulary costs.
Arrow Some Definitions
7 August 2011
There are many names used to describe railways in their various forms. Just to clarify any confusion, here I offer some definitions.
Arrow Letters to First Great Western
6 August 2011
A commuter on the British route between Oxford and London, has blogged his correcpondence with the Managing Director of FGW every time he is delayed going to and from work. Brilliant and amusing.
Arrow New station design guidelines.
3 August 2011
Network Rail has posted new station design guidelines.
Arrow New technical papers uploaded to RTWP
2 August 2011
Two new technical "Infopapers" have been posted to the website.
Arrow Why Up and Down?
1 August 2011
Why do British railways refer to opposite directions of movement as "Up" and "Down"? This article explains all.
Arrow Thameslink ATO - I'm struggling
31 July 2011
Thameslink is intending to introduce Automatic Train Operation (ATO) on their core section, using the European Train Control System (ETCS), and to get up to 30 trains per hour per direction with it. I'm wondering how they will do it..
Arrow Diesel Page Update
30 July 2011
This just notifies readers that I posted an update to the Diesels Page.
Arrow Idling Diesels
29 July 2011
People often complain about idling diesel locomotives in stations and railway yards. This article looks at the issues.
Arrow Teach your childern railway safety
27 July 2011
A new campaign telling us that now the school holidays are here, it's time to make sure your children are safe when they're out playing.
Arrow High Speed Work
26 July 2011
How the Norfolk & Southern Railroad in the US managed to upgrade a 100-mile section of track in an 8-day blockade.
Arrow High Speed Rail in Brazil
25 July 2011
Reasons for the difference between the price the government expected to pay what the bidders wanted.
Arrow "Kettled" passengers
21 July 2011
Some comments on how railway operators are failing to recover from their shutdowns in a reasonable time.
Arrow New Fleet on London's Victoria Line
20 July 2011
There's a new fleet of trains on London Underground's Victoria Line. The old stock has gone and there's a history of it being written. Memories welcome.
Arrow High Speed Rail in the US
19 July 2011
A great new map of the various high speed routes proposed in the US.
Arrow The Big Issue
12 July 2011
What is it? Costs? High Speed Rail? Upgrades? Suggestions welcome.
Arrow The ATC Bump
11 July 2011
The ATC bump is that jerk that you feel when the ATC controlled train stops.
Arrow Braking Curve
10 July 2011
I show how a braking curve is used to calculate how long it will take a train to stop from a given speed.
Arrow The 3-minute Rule
9 July 2011
I suggest that it's time the railways in Britain got to grips with what passengers expect in timekeeping.
Arrow Why Bombarider lost Thameslink
8 July 2011
There's a view that it seems to have been due to financing costs. The Thameslink deal was based on financing the order as well as building trains.
Arrow Disabled Toilets
30 June 2011
This is a bit of a rant about the idea that the use of such facilities should be restricted to disabled people.
Arrow Question about US diesel locomotives
30 June 2011
The answer was posted here.
Arrow Richard Trevithick's Birthday
13 April 2011
It was celebrated with a really nifty Google graphic.
Arrow New LU Signalling Contract
13 April 2011
This means that LU will have three different ATO systems, two of them on the same railway.
Arrow Electrify to Swansea
7 April 2011
There's a strong argument in favour of extending the Great Western electrification to Swansea. Actually, it'd be stupid not to.
Arrow Crow and cuts
7 April 2011
I make some comments about Bob Crow the RMT union leader. About some things, I say, he's got a point.
Arrow New Class 379 in London
28 March 2011
A few criticisms of the new trains being used on the UK's Stanstead Express route.
Arrow Class 357 Corrosion
27 March 2011
Some caustic comments about the discovery of corrosion found on a train of mixed steel and aluminium construction.