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General Railway Stuff

Rail Champions - A UK-based group that seeks to promote research, collaboration, technology transfer and knowledge exchange between science, government and industry.

All About Trains - A Children's guide - An excellent site with links to other sites with information about railroads.  Good for grown-ups too!.  Thanks to a 4th Grader from the Monument Charter School for giving us this link.

Travel Back to Railroad History - A page offered by travel company, this is a US-based community outreach project for kids to teach them about rail history. The page has links to more about the history of the railroad plus lesson plans, visuals and other learning materials.

Technical Pages

Links to sites about high speed trains.

Railways: History, Signaling, Engineering - An excellent US site by Dr James B Calvert with an emphasis on signalling in the US and Europe but covering other areas like accidents, electric interurbans and history.

Diesel-Electric and Electric Locomotives - by Steve Sconfienza, Ph.D. - Includes some technical background on the development of diesel and electric traction in the US, an illustration of the PRR catenary system and some electrical formulae related to different traction systems.  He also has a number of technical articles at his Technical Resources Directory

Track Gauges - Some articles related to the historical background of how the standard track gauge was adopted.  From the San Diego Railroad Museum site.

Diesel Locomotive Systems - A good description of the operation of the equipment of the UK diesel-electric Class 60 locomotive.  It is in simple terms and gives the reader a basic understanding of the technology.

Train Performance - An article titled "Kilo Newtons, Kilo Watts and Kilometres per Hour" by Tony Woof, which explains in simple language, with graphics, all that stuff about Tractive Effort, Power and Train Resistance.

Electric Traction Pages Technology - an excellent guide by Tony Woof showing the basics of electrical theory and electric traction as applied to railways.

Die Bremsenbude - The development of train braking systems in Germany and Europe - in German.

Traction Power in Belgium - A series of articles in French and Dutch about the electric traction power supply for railways in Belgium by Bart Van der Spiegel.  There is some interesting information about the development of different types of electric power supply systems in Europe.

Signalling Links - For external links to other people's pages on signalling.  There are some excellent sites listed here which describe various signalling systems in use around the world.

Maglev - Official German Magnetic Levitation Train website.

Talgo Trains - The Talgo company's site in English describing tilting trains and gauge changing techniques.

Transportation Systems Design. An industry site which specialises in advanced technology signalling and train control systems and standards efforts in the US.  Particularly useful for links to US resources on transportation.

Indian Railways Fan Club - An excellent and detailed site with descriptions of all aspects of Indian Railways, including geography, equipment, locomotive and carriage lists, signalling, electric traction and interesting articles about how to start locomotives, electrification, braking, rules and operations.

Swiss Narrow Gauge Railways - An interesting summary in English of the various companies operating in Switzerland and including technical data on some selected locomotives.

The Rubber Tyred Metro - a technical description of the development and operation of the French-designed rubber tyred rolling stock by Marc Dufour.

Terminology Pages

US Railroad Definitions - from the San Diego Railroad Museum site. Originally by P. Veltman and updated by Dmitry Zinoviev.

Glossary of US railroad slang - dating from 1945 on Thomas Ehrenreich's site.

The Foamer's Guide To Railroad Terms From Around The World - US based and light-hearted glossary with some interesting items. The home page of the website is here

Glossary of UK railway terms - from the UK Heritage Railways website

Railway Stories

More Railroad Stories - Thomas Ehrenreich's site has another selection of reprinted stories from the US.

Thomas the Tank Engine Train - For kids and parents looking for stuff for kids. Your premier Thomas the Tank Engine information source, shopping center and meeting place.

Historical Links - Technical

Vintage Railway Carriages - A series of pages and links on the Bluebell Railway site for those interested or involved in the restoration of vintage railway carriages in the UK.

Historical Model Railway Society  - for historical technical research - try this UK web site.  There are research and information exchange facilities.

A Gas Lighting System - A technical description of the Pintsch gas lighting manufacturing plant in the US, copied from the Scientific American of 1898 by Thomas Ehrenreich.

A Battery Lighting System - A technical description of the Julien Battery company's system in the US, copied from the Scientific American of 1887 by by Thomas Ehrenreich.

Steam Links - Technical

Antebellum Railroading - A series of historical articles dating from the Scientific American magazine in the late 19th century describing the development of the American steam locomotive.  From the historical railroad site of Thomas Ehrenreich.

The Locomotive Engine - Running and Management - A reprint of a book by Angus Sinclair, 17th Edition, 1890, this link goes to the table of contents.  The book was posted by Thomas Ehrenreich on his historical railroad site.

Locomotive Boilers & Engines - A technical description of the typical US steam locomotive, written in 1920, and reproduced by the San Diego Railroad Museum

How to Boot a Steam Locomotive - Another interesting article from the San Diego Railroad Museum site about how a steam locomotive is prepared for service.

Compressed Air in Workshops - A copy of an article by F. M. Twombly published in "Railway Engineering and Mechanics", in the US in November, 1894 about the use of compressed air in steam locomotive workshops (a new idea at the time), copied by Thomas Ehrenreich.

Testing a Steam Engine - A copy of an article published in the Scientific American in 1908 about the locomotive testing plant at Altoona, Pennsylvania, copied by Thomas Ehrenreich.

A New Steam Locomotive Design - a paper on the Ultimate Steam Page describing the design principals for a new steam locomotive called ACE 3000.

French Compound Locomotives - Technical data from this specialist website.

Links to link lists

The Information Train Station - Great US site with links to thousands of sites all over the world.  Maintained by Bob Harbison.

RailServe - The Internet Railroad Directory, full of links to world-wide sites and one of the better places to start your search for information.

Rob Armstrong's Rail Industry Pages - a very good UK based link site with links to companies, suppliers, consultants, training suppliers, funding sources, business links and news parges.