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31st January 2023

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29th January 2023

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26th November 2021

Updated electrification page.

28th December 2018

Updated Traction Motor history page and various minor corrections throughout.

11th December 2018

Updated pages and various minor corrections.

21st November 2018

Uploaded revised CV and various minor corrections to other pages.

18th March 2018:

Uploaded new page: The Early History of the DC Traction Motor

15th March 2018:

Uploaded PhD Thesis.

Various minor text errors corrected.

18th April 2018:

Updated résumé;

Minor alterations to layouts and corrections.

25th April 2018:

Uploaded new page: Hydrail Comes of Age and Is Hydrogen the Answer? Both provided courtesy of David Shirres, Editor of Rail Engineer magazine.

4th May 2018:

Various minor text errors corrected.

18th May 2018:

Defective page replaced.

28th May 2018:

Corrections to text and broken links.

27th August 2018:

Minor corrections on some pages and updates to CV

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