Update Log

21st November 2018

Uploaded revised CV and various minor corrections to other pages.

18th March 2018:

Uploaded new page: The Early History of the DC Traction Motor

15th March 2018:

Uploaded PhD Thesis.

Various minor text errors corrected.

18th April 2018:

Updated résumé;

Minor alterations to layouts and corrections.

25th April 2018:

Uploaded new page: Hydrail Comes of Age and Is Hydrogen the Answer? Both provided courtesy of David Shirres, Editor of Rail Engineer magazine.

4th May 2018:

Various minor text errors corrected.

18th May 2018:

Defective page replaced.

28th May 2018:

Corrections to text and broken links.

27th August 2018:

Minor corrections on some pages and updates to CV

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